Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Welcome to Tourist’ Paradise. A blog where all issues regarding tourism/traveling are discussed. On this blog, we shall be opening Nigeria and by extension Africa to the world. We shall tell our own story as regards tourism, for we realize that no outsider can tell it better. In addition, this blog has, as it’s objective opening up the enormous but untapped tourism potentials of Nigeria and Africa to the world. From Yola to Obudu, from Badagry to Argungu, from Yankari to Oshogbo, from Ikogosi to Oloibiri, from Olumo to Idanre, Nigeria beckons to all to come taste her hospitality. Come see the stunnuning sceneries and gorgeous views of the most populous black nation on earth. Explore Nigeria; explore Africa.

Welcome to my world, the world of tourism. On this blog I shall be guiding you on a tour of breathtaking destinations across the world at large and Nigeria in particular. I shall be unveiling the various opportunities that abound in the tourism business. I shall show you how you as an individual can benefit from it. Furthermore, I shall show you the dos and don’ts of the business. What should governments do to attract investors and thereafter tourists to their tourism sites? What should you and I do to enjoy our vacations/holidays? What should we avoid to have memorable holidays and vacations?

Furthermore, this blog will serve as your authoritative tour guide; it will help all intending tourists to make informed choices about the various tourists’ destinations spread around Nigeria in particular and Africa in general. I shall discuss various issues pertaining to tourism; developments that will affect tourism. I shall also serve you a regular menu of various African cultures. So fasten your seat belts as we prepare to take off on a voyage of pleasant discoveries, a journey that will make you look back with fond memories in the end.

Posted by Edwards Ajiboye (Arogbowei)

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