Monday, September 28, 2009


Welcome to Global Tours, a blog where tourism is x rayed and opportunities discussed. Last week we had started the discussion on the opportunities for all of us in the tourism business, we said that opportunities in tourism does not discriminate. Therefore the discussion continues in that direction.

A typical example is the massive investment opportunities opened to all during the construction of the Obudu Cattle Ranch Resort and the Tinapa projects, all in Cross Rivers State, South South geopolitical region of Nigeria. These projects generated massive employment opportunities for various levels of professionals and artisans. The impact was well felt even during the construction stage.

All these activities, whether to create a new tourism facility or upgrade existing ones translate to more employment opportunities, expanding the space for employment and increasing standard of living, thus reducing unemployment and by extension idleness, despair and crime. Hence, making our climes safe for tourists and fun seekers.

Mushrooming from tourism industry are a whole lot of support service providers who are capable of creating employment for countless thousands, and generating income to improve standard of living. Such support services providers include but not limited to the following, travel/tour companies, tour guides, catering services, security companies, car hire services, to mention but a few.

When intending tourists hear that we are investing massively and upgrading our infrastructures and tourism sites, like it is happening in Kenya, Egypt, South Africa and the Gambia despite the global economic slow down, they will visit to feel these facilities. So facilities drive tourists to destinations.

Therefore opportunities abound for all of us, young and old male or female. Therefore all hands must be on deck to ensure that we widen the space, build more hotels, more resorts, more parks, enhance more historical sites across the country. More importantly, enact favorable legislation to enable private capital to take the lead in driving the expansion of tourism. Encourage indigenous investors to take advantage so that profit repatriation could be minimized to the barest minimum.


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