Friday, September 25, 2009


Welcome to my world. The world of tourists and fun seekers. I promised to showcase the enormous but untapped potentials in Nigeria and Africa. That is what I shall do today. The Encatar dictionary defines opportunity as (1) advantageous chance, especially one that offers some kind of advantage, or (2) favorable condition, a combination of favorable circumstances or situations. Hence I am here today to talk about the many opportunities in tourism business in my land Nigeria.

Opportunities abound for all to generate wealth in the tourism industry. Whether we are bourgeoisie/capitalists or proletariat. Whether we are rich or poor, whether we are young or old, male or female. Whether we are rural dwellers or city dwellers, literate or illiterate it does not matter, opportunity does not discriminate, it is all embracing, all encompassing. We all stand a good chance to make wealth beyond our imagination from tourism.

Let us consider the various opportunities that the promotion of tourism could unlock for our collective benefits.

The world over, promotion of tourism is closely linked with massive construction of social/national infrastructures. The construction of such infrastructures requires the employment/engagement of skilled professionals as well as artisans. Hence, a nation that is determined to diversify the source of her national income from petro dollar and tap from the tourism dollar will no doubt embark on massive construction/maintenance of existing or new social infrastructures, such as hotel facilities, resorts, parks, and event centers. This will generate employment opportunities for skilled professionals such as civil engineers, quantity surveyors, architects, plumbers, to name but a few.

To be concluded.

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