Monday, September 14, 2009


Sometimes ago, positive developments that will sanitize and change the face of hotel business and by extension the tourism industry in Nigeria began. The Nigerian Tourism Development Commission (NTDC) which is the agency saddled with the responsibility of regulation and development of the tourism sector in the country went about its’ regulatory functions by sealing up some hotels that lack basic operational requirements. The Nigerian Tourism Development Commission (NTDC) also wielded the big stick against those operating illegally in the tourism sector in Nigeria. The good news about this development is that it will be extended to the remaining thirty-six states of the federation. The agency must be commended for this bold move to rid the nation’s tourism sector of quacks and illegality.

Hitherto, just anyone could convert any buildings to hotels, in just any corner or space available, whether such territories are earmarked for such or not. This poor practice created a lot of problems for the growth and development of the hotel business in the country. It gave rise to unorganized growth of the sector, hampering standardization efforts of the agency; naturally without standardization growth becomes difficult in the face of competition from standardized economies. It also made the agency’s supervisory role tedious.

When adequate supervision is lacking, it naturally lead to poor service delivery, poor service delivery translate to dissatisfied customers. A dissatisfied customer may not bother to call back again and that means a loss to the sector, and a slowing down of growth and development. Poor service delivery reflects poorly on our global ratings and negatively affects our earning from the international tourists market.

To be concluded.

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