Thursday, December 17, 2009

How to Take Advantage of the Season

The holiday season is fast approaching; it is closing in on us fast. I do not know about you, but to me it seems to be a little bit faster, it arrived early this year than the previous years. As the holiday season rush in on us, there are promos from various producers, manufacturers, providers of services in Nigeria and elsewhere, thanks to globalization. All hands are on deck with one intent, or goal, call it one objective, if you like, to lure and capture for keeps new and existing games (consumers).

Cocacola, PepsiCo, WallMart, BBC, CNN, Toyota, MTN, Globacom, Nestle, Unilever, Citibank, Hyundai, FIFA, Ford, British Airways, Air France, Lufthansa, even our local airlines such as Chachangi, Sosoliso, Bellview, Aero Contractors, just to mention just a few. All over the globe, China, Japan Korea, Singapore, United States of America, Canada, Britain, Germany, Ghana, South Africa, Egypt, France, Russia, Brazil, Malaysia, Belgium, it is the same strategy; set a bait to lure the game (consumer), capture him and keep him for life, or for as long as possible.

The tourism industry welcomes this season because it marks the beginning of growth, or turn around in the fortunes of the tourism industry. What is more, airlines, welcome the season by rewarding their customers with unbelievable offers. Therefore, for tourists, this season is a good time to travel, the advantages are many, and most airlines are ready to spoil you silly with packages that are simply unbelievable, considering the global recession.

In this regard, local airlines are not resting on their oars; they are thinking, working and bringing up innovative solutions and promos to capture more customers for keeps. There is a keen competition for you the tourist/traveller. They are doing all they reasonably could in view of the downturn to capture and keep you as customer for life in their frequent flyer network radars.

For some time now Aero Contractors have been running an unbelievable promo where the usual fare is slashed by more than 50%, provided the traveller booked online in advance. This is simply mind blowing isn’t it? All the other local airlines have one package or the other to woo travellers.

On the international routes, Qatar Airways is offering great value for money for all its’ customers with excellent saving to key destinations around the world. Air France on the other hand is also offering highly competitive range of fairs; they even went a step further to embark on cabin innovation. The aim is to thrill you with unforgettable experience.

You see why I am encouraging you to travel by air frequently and enjoy the many benefits. Make the next journey whether local or international by air.