Wednesday, September 23, 2009


A nation that views tourism as an alternative source of income will have prepared in advance to reduce anything that might get on the way of the forward momentum of the tourism train. Adequate stopgap measures would have been adopted and implemented to check the menace of traffic gridlock and flooding that causes such.

When a tourist visits he wants to be able to move around without too many hindrances, so that he could explore those beautiful tourism sites that we have prepared for his pleasure. But when a journey of twenty minutes turns to two or three hours, as is being witnessed on a daily basis on the aforementioned cities, then it left little or nothing to be desired by tourists and travelers. Incidentally it is situations like this that discourage tourists and fun seekers, it is what also discourage or stunt the growth of tourism. And it further keeps us away from our goal of diversifying our economy by selling our atmosphere, which is what tourism business is all about.

So here is a call to all relevant government agencies saddled with the responsibility of maintaining our roads and drainage system if there is any, to do so without delay. Perhaps, they could put place stopgap measures in the interim to tackle the problem of traffic congestion occasioned by potholes and failed portions of the road. While in the long run, the continuous maintenance of existing roads and the expansion of some vital roads, and of course the construction of link roads should commence without further delay.

Less traffic congestion on our roads, means more tourists, more tourists means more patronage of our tourism sites, more funds for the state and more employment opportunities created via tourism. More employment opportunities, less poverty, less poverty translate to less crime, less crime more tourists. It’s a circle; get the basics right and watch the dramatic increase in the number of tourists.


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