Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Previously, we had discussed some of the reasons why the current drive of the Nigerian Tourism Development Commission (NTDC) must be applauded and encouraged by all stakeholders in the Nigerian tourism industry. Today we shall look at additional compelling reasons for the sanitation exercise to be extended to the remaining thirty-six states of the Nigerian federation. Come with me as we continue our gist.

Furthermore, a poorly supervised sector also became a breeding ground for criminals. The Director General of the Nigerian Tourism Development Commission (NTDC), Mr. Olusegun Runsewe revealed that about 70% of stolen vehicles are kept in hotels around the country, confirmed this truth. It is common knowledge that all over the world, some heinous crimes are plotted and hatched from the confines of unregistered and unregulated hotels. Crimes ranging from armed robbery, fraud, kidnapping assassinations is perpetrated from such unholy venues. And the perpetrators of such crimes vanish into thin air without any trace or any clue. Therefore by this action on the part of the supervisory agency, security to lives and property will be enhanced.

In addition, a poorly regulated tourism sector also led to earning for itself a poor reputation from the public and would be consumer of its’ products. The poor perception of the general public, where hotels are viewed not as a place to unwind away from home, but as a place where infidelity is perpetrated given the ubiquitous presence of prostitutes and pimps does not help growth. Thus necessitating supervision and regulation.

Hence, when the Nigerian Tourism Development Commission (NTDC) wielded the big stick, I was relieved of these concerns that have being weighing on my mind. This sanitation exercise will no doubt go a long way to boost the growth and development of the tourism sector of our economy. It will further increase our rating in the world tourism map as a choice destination for tourists, a destination to be reckoned with. Therefore all of us must support and encourage this action of the NTDC.


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