Thursday, November 19, 2009

Nigeria, Good People, Great Nation.

Sometimes early this year, a Nigerian, an official of the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC), Lokoja zone,north central Nigeria, Mr. Lizima Ngwam made us all proud. What did he do? On that day he received a distress call and quickly responded. On arriving the scene of the accident, he found a dead man, Mr. Obioma Innocent involved in the crash. But he found more than his corpse, he also found on the dead man, the sum of fifty five thousand one hundred and twenty dollars ($55,120) which he promptly returned to the family of the deceased.

Now you may begin to wonder and say, that is unlike Nigerian, and what is more totally strange for a Nigerian government officials and security personnel. But the fact is there are thousands, if not millions of government officials and security personnel who are honest, sympathetic and cherish their integrity. Although you hardly hear about them, yet they exist. There are so many of his type, be it in Arogbo, Akpata, Kano, Kaduna, Calabar, Port Harcourt, Lagos, Akure, Brass, Oloibiri, Ibadan, Yenagoa Warri, Jos, Bauchi, you just name the place and they are there. We cherish and appreciate them, what is more they are like an oasis in a dry desert.

An honest deed like this enhances the image of of the country and projects us as a good trustworthy and hospitable people whom we truly are. What is more it endears our country to tourists as a safe tourism destination. Take it or leave it no tourist would venture into a country where his life and property cannot get a reasonable level of guaranty of safety. No tourist would come, no matter the preponderance of attractive tourism sites and promotions. Ask some nations in the Middle East, they know better. Hence the conduct of the people is crucial to the promotion of tourism. Tourists would most likely remember your kind deeds and courteous behaviour than all the facilities. It is on the basis of these points that Mr Lizima Ngwam’s deed is to be commended and encouraged.

Tourism will definitely not grow in a country where tourists and fun seekers feel insecure in the presence of security personnel. Tourism thrives and become a major foreign exchange earner when tourists read about kind deeds such as the one mentioned in the introduction of this article. It creates a feeling of stability and security.

So here is to salute Mr Lizima Ngwam and all others like him throughout the length and breadth of the country, for their honest and kind deeds that have contributed greatly in projecting our image as honest people. A friendly people, who are ready to accommodate and protect our tourists irrespective of race or religion. Furthermore, we implore all of us to emulate Mr. Lizima Ngwam. We equally urge the government to reward citizens with similar disposition. When we do as a people, Nigeria will witness exponential increase in the number of tourist, and the tourism industry will grow and our foreign earning from non oil revenue will increase.

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