Friday, November 6, 2009


We had to take our legs off the throttle to talk about the big one happening in Nigeria, the U17 World Cup and the immense benefit for tourism. From Lagos to Enugu, from Kano to Bauchi, the story is that of pure fun and satisfaction for those who travelled to the country, they had a swell time.

Today we are back to our unfinished business about drug and the growth of tourism; hopefully we intend to complete this piece. Let’s go.
Happily, the war against illicit drug/drug abuse is pretty intense in our country, Nigeria. This is also acknowledged by the rest of the international community. The agencies responsible are campaigning and creating awareness about the dangers of illicit drugs to our lives and property. They are also working very hard, bursting drug syndicates. These agencies and their agents are to be commended. Agency officials who have successfully carried out an operation should be rewarded; families of those who lost their lives on duty should be compensated without delay.

Knowing the threats that illicit drug pose to the future of their children, parents should take the lead in inculcating such dangers in the heart and minds of their children. Particularly vulnerable are children with creative abilities, these ones are sometimes deceived to believe that the use of illicit drugs enhance their creativity and performance. More often than not, the opposite is the case. Majek Fashek is one prime example in that category of unfortunate budding talents that drug has ruined. Our entertainment industry should desist from glorifying illicit drugs in their songs/videos/plays. When a deviant is identified, the relevant sections of the law should be applied. That does not in any way constitute stifling creative ability of our talented and dear entertainers; rather it serves to protect them from untimely death or demise of creativity.

We are equally using this medium to highlight the drawbacks, the devastating effects or threats that illicit drug could pose to our tourism industry if we allow it to take root. We all have the responsibility to prevent this trade from flourishing in our country. Hence all hands must be on deck to check this menace. Tourists gravitate like bees to flower, to a relatively peaceful and stable country, excessive violence scares them. When a potential tourist is constantly inundated with stories of drug related crimes in a country of interest, he becomes hesitant. He being a rational person may be forced to look elsewhere for another tourism destination. Furthermore, he may not stop at that, in fact he may discourage other family members and friends who intend to visit. Therefore, every hand must be on deck, we all must cooperate; the various government agencies must collaborate to effectively check this menace. When we do, crime will reduce and that automatically translate to less negative report about our country, then more tourists will come, thus expanding tourism as an alternative source of national income. This would also create more employment opportunities, thus translating to less poverty; more stability. Ultimately more funds would translate to improved standard of living.

Good people. Great nation!


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