Friday, October 9, 2009


Last time we had commenced the discussion on the negative effect of illicit drugs on tourism, today we shall continue in that line. But permit me for not keeping to my usual schedule, I went on official assignment to Ghana via the West Coast and could not really do much. The experience from that mission shall be shared with you all. Hopefully we will not have to experience this often. So let us continue with our discussion.

Already there have been cases of addicted train crews, bus/truck drivers, company managers, doctors, teachers and others in authority who have created dangerous situations through ‘going on a mission’ while on duty.

Not surprisingly, burglaries, mugging, and prostitution mushroom when drugs take root in a community thus making it unsafe, for all and most especially unattractive to the tourist. Other crimes are committed to facilitate drug trafficking. In order to keep drugs flowing smoothly from one area to another, the traffickers try to corrupt or intimidate officials. The effects of drug itself may lead to criminal activity. Family members maybe abused by chronic drug users like we often see on our TV sets.

Activities of drug dealers could make the neighbourhood unsafe for all after dark. Drug is one of the prime causes of crime and violence. Drugs remain one of the greatest generators of terrorism and criminal violence in the world. ‘Drugs are tearing apart our societies, spawning crime, spreading diseases such as AIDS, and killing our youth, and our future’ said Koffi Anan, a former Secretary General of the United Nations.

To be concluded.

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